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Spruce Woods has a variety of campsites to choose from, both within the designated campground as well as backcountry sites. Be sure to check them all out! 

Camping Options

Click the photos below to access the links!

Northern Lights

How to Book a Campsite in the Kiche Manitou Campground

Select the link above to go to the Parks Reservation Service. When choosing what park you want to camp in choose "Kiche Manitou".

We have basic and electric sites as well as Yurts. You can book online, or call the PRS line or book in person at the campground or In-person in Winnipeg. 

Hiking with Rain Jacket

How to register a Backcountry Campsite

Simply contact the Carberry District Office to register your trip to the backcountry at (204) 834-8800. Please keep in mind that all backcountry sites are not "booked" and that you will have to share the space with other users. The cabins are there for emergency use, and are not intended as the overnight location. You are to camp in the space provided outside of the cabin and tent. 


Fall/Winter Camping

Are you interested in camping in the fall or winter but the campground is "closed"? You are still allowed to camp in designated campsites, however services that are open during camping season will not be available like running water, etc. Call the district office if you have any questions! 

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