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About Us

The Friends of Spruce Woods Inc

Founded on June 15, 1986 the Friends of Spruce Woods Inc is an incorporated non-profit. We are volunteer citizen advisory group who provide supplemental and auxiliary assistance to the Parks branch in the ongoing operation of Spruce Woods Provincial Park. All net revenue generated and donations received are spent on some aspect of the Spruce Woods Provincial Park, in consultation with the Parks manager. Our special emphasis is to promote and enhance the public's enjoyment of the local flora and fauna.


The Friends of Spruce Woods meet once a month, and volunteer their time towards their collective goal of aiding Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

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Become a  Friend

Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer and give back to your community? Do you love being our in nature and enjoy the serene beauty of Spruce Woods Provincial Park? Do you just want to keep up to date on park events and changes?

If so you can become a FRIEND of Spruce Woods! 

Simply email us at and let us know if you simply want our newsletter, or are interested in becoming a volunteer! 

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